Cobb Accessport Feedback Knock: Understanding What it Means

Are you looking to enhance your vehicle’s performance? Have you heard about the Cobb Accessport and Feedback Knock but don’t quite grasp what it means? Perhaps you already own the Accessport and are struggling to understand the feedback knock readings. Whatever the case, you’ve come to the right place. In this blog post, we’ll dive into what Feedback Knock means, how it affects the performance of your vehicle, and how the Cobb Accessport can help you monitor and rectify this issue.

Firstly, let’s establish what Feedback Knock means. Feedback Knock is the term used to describe a knock that is detected by the knock sensor and is then ‘fed back’ to the engine management system. It’s typically caused by pre-ignition or detonation in the cylinder before the piston reaches the top of the compression stroke. This can be problematic as it can cause damage to the engine if left unattended.

The occurrence of Feedback Knock can affect the performance of your engine. It can cause the boost to drop or force the engine management system to pull timing, which results in reduced power. In more severe cases, it can even cause engine failure. This is why it’s important to monitor and rectify Feedback Knock.

This is where the Cobb Accessport comes in handy. The Accessport is designed to allow for easy engine tuning and monitoring. It’s a handheld device that plugs into your vehicle’s OBD-II port, allowing you to monitor engine vitals such as boost pressure, air/fuel ratio, and, of course, Feedback Knock.

Monitoring Feedback Knock with the Cobb Accessport is a straightforward process. The device will display real-time knock counts and error correction values. This provides valuable insight into the presence of Feedback Knock and whether the current tune needs adjusting. With this information, you can make the necessary changes to ensure engine safety and optimal performance.

In addition to monitoring Feedback Knock, the Cobb Accessport also allows for custom tuning of your vehicle. This means you can fine-tune your engine to your liking and make adjustments to optimize performance. The Accessport features pre-made tunes for various makes and models, but if you’re looking for something more personalized, you can work with a professional tuner to create a custom tune.


Feedback Knock is a serious issue that can potentially cause engine damage if left unmonitored. The Cobb Accessport is a valuable tool for monitoring and rectifying Feedback Knock, allowing for customization and optimization of your engine’s performance. With the Cobb Accessport, you can have peace of mind knowing that you’re always on top of your vehicle’s performance and safety.


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