Our AWD Mainline Prohub 4600 Dynamometer will hold up to 4600whp (1600whp Front – 3000whp Rear), making it the areas most capable dyno. 

 The Portable ProHub Dynamometer connects directly to the vehicle’s axle hubs, via billet steel adaptors, effectively removing wheel and tire related variables from the testing and tuning equation, for absolute accuracy, and the ultimate in test data repeatability from power run to power run. All ProHub models are maximum speed rated up to 3600 axle rpm or equivalent road speeds of up to 310 mph (500 kmph) subject to vehicle gearing. Portable ProHub dynamometers will accommodate up to +/- 10 °camber and 10 ° toe in /out, to accommodate live axle and IRS systems.

Our Dyno is available to rent, please contact us for details.